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How to choose the best presotherapy and lymphatic drainage device for your salon

  • How not to make a mistake when choosing a pressotherapy (lymphatic drainage) device and choose the right one?

    Do you need to buy a new pressotherapy device for your salon? Have you already decided how it will be used: as a mono procedure or as an integral part of a complex procedure (for example, after laser liposuction procedures, electroporation procedures, cavitation procedures?). Let us then discuss which pressotherapy machine is better.

    How to choose the right device for pressotherapy?
    Pressotherapy tropism is very widely used as a therapeutic and prophylactic treatment for oedema, circulatory and lymph flow disorders and tissue tropism. In SPA and beauty salons, pressotherapy treatment is included in weight loss course and anti-cellulite complex. This is why many beauty salon owners try to equip their salons with this device. However, the range of devices on the market is so wide that it is not easy to choose one option. How then to determine which of various models of pressotherapy devices is best for you?

    Things to look for when buying a pressotherapy device:
    Number of air chamber. The machines with one compressor (air chamber) is cheaper, the ones equipped with two or more compressors pumps air more evenly, but their price is also much higher.
    Material (cuffs, soles) from which the suit for pressotherapy is made. It is better to choose not a single suit but the one that includes different parts, so that you can use them separately and independently of each other. It is better if material is double-layered and sufficiently elastic so that it lasts longer and is not damaged under constant stress.
    Additional options. Some models are designed to treat only separate parts of the body, while others are intended for whole-body procedures including additional options (infrared and electrostimulation techniques).
    Air tube mounting type. They can be stationary or removable. At first glance, it seems more convenient to use removable - but in fact, they are much less durable and often break.

    How much do pressotherapy machines cost?
    Often, most of the price will depend on the brand of the device, its power, the quality of the materials, and the availability of additional features.

    Additional consumables:
    When buying a pressotherapy device, the supply of consumables should not be forgotten. First of all, these are reusable personal suits for customers that make the procedure more hygienic and safer. Their price is low, but there are many advantages: firstly, as already mentioned, it increases hygiene, and secondly, it increases the level of customer‘s confidence. Suits for customers can be found here: suits.
    Often, these suits are rented (or sold) to customers for every procedure, which increases salon revenue. The average rental price of a suit varies from 2 to 3 EUR (rental price per procedure). The average selling price of one suit ranges from 18 to 20 EUR.

    Let us take a look at differences and advantages of various pressotherapy devices that may be found at
    For your convenience, we have prepared the following comparison table of pressotherapy devices. In it, we have spotted the best parameters of the machines. Therefore, it will be much easier to choose the best device for pressotherapy and lymphatic drainage.

    1st place
    The best machine in terms of price / quality and parameters is the HIGH TECH EXCLUSIVE LINE + IR (WEELKO, MADE IN SPAIN) pressure therapy / lymphatic drainage device. Its main advantages include 20 air chambers, pressure of 0.25 bar used in procedures and an additional infrared function.
    2nd place
    Very similar in its parameters, but with another 1 additional function is the Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Machine 3w1 (MADE IN CHINA). This device is characterised with both quality and long service life.
    3rd place
    The EXCLUSIVE LINE pressotherapy / lymphatic drainage device (WEELKO, MADE IN SPAIN) is an excellent pressotherapy device with no additional functions.

    If you have a smaller budget, we strongly recommend you the following device – Professional Pressotherapy Machine Exclusive (MADE IN CHINA), which is not weaker in terms of its parameters compared to the best recommended pressotherapy devices. Both number of air chambers and power of the pressure will help your customers to achieve great results, and they will leave you the best feedback.
    We note that all devices sold in this e-shop have CE certificates and instructions for use in Lithuanian.
    All pressotherapy devices are intended for commercial use in beauty salons.
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