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Return conditions

    9.1. The goods or services sold in the e-store are not refundable. If the purchased product did not suit the Buyer, the Seller may agree to consider changing it, only if the Buyer submits a written request by e-mail to
    9.2. Products that have to be ordered are not returnable.
    9.3. The Buyer may return goods not due to product defects or deficiencies only if the Seller allows him to return such goods after confirming this fact by e-mail.
    9.4. When returning goods not due to product defects or deficiencies, the Buyer will be refunded only for the goods, after deducting a 20% (twenty percent) administrative fee for order processing and transport costs for returning these goods to the supplier.
    9.4.1. When returning goods to the buyer, it is necessary to comply with the following conditions: Send the completed free form request by e-mail to And only when you receive a written response from the Seller, you can send the returned/exchanged goods to the address specified by the Seller.

    We would like to remind you that returned or exchanged goods must meet the following requirements:
    The product is returned in the original manufacturer's packaging, with all manufacturer's labels.
    The item to be returned must not have lost its commercial appearance (not worn or used in any other way, not damaged and not losing value). ASSEMBLED ITEM CANNOT BE RETURNED.
    The item must not be dirty, stained or frayed. We do not accept returns or refunds for such items, so please ensure that the item you are returning meets all return requirements when returning items.
    Goods returned from Lithuania must reach us exactly within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery of the goods to the customer, otherwise we do not accept the goods back and do not refund the money.
    Shipping costs are non-refundable (refunds are for items only).
    The client undertakes to:

    The customer returning/changing goods must indicate the sender's address on the returned shipment and ensure that the returned goods reach the Seller at the business address specified by him.
    Money is not refunded for goods returned by postage meter.
    There are no refunds for goods returned to third-party collection points.
    Money is not refunded for goods returned to Lithuanian Post offices (we remind you that Lithuanian Post does not bring parcels to our office, but leaves them in the offices until demand).

    The seller is not responsible for shipments that were sent to the wrong address specified by the customer.
    After receiving your returned goods and inspecting their condition, the seller undertakes to return the money to the account from which the payment for the goods was made within 14 working days.
    Money is returned only to bank accounts.

    9.4.1 Lighting and electronic goods;
    9.4.2. Goods required to obtain a hygiene passport (i.e. hot air sterilizers);
    9.4.3. Cosmetology devices, combine harvesters, beauty salon furniture and equipment, hairdressing furniture and equipment.
    9.4.4. Disinfectant liquids and cosmetics.


    Money for the goods is returned only to the Customer's account from which the transfer was made when paying for the goods.
    Money is not returned if it is found that the goods have been damaged intentionally or due to careless behavior (affected by high temperature, damaged by sharp objects, etc.).
    9.6. The Seller has the right not to accept the goods returned by the Buyer if the Buyer does not comply with 8.3. the procedures for returning goods are established in the article.
    9.7. When returning the wrong product and/or low-quality product, the Seller undertakes to take back such products and replace them with similar suitable products.
    9.8. In the event that the Seller does not have goods suitable for replacement, the amount paid will be returned to the Buyer, excluding the cost of delivery.

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